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About SoftBuild


original-logos_2015_Mar_7938-4347827   SoftBuild is a freelancing / job seeking website. The Candidate can create a free powerful resume which can be used as a strong personal profile to enhance his/her ability to find online jobs. The employers can create a powerful company profile in order to post their jobs. Those jobs are divided into several categories: Full-Time, Part-Time, Freelance, Internship and Volunteer. SoftBuild is for the people who are seeking to enhance their career level or for those who are looking for a second income. We will be so thrilled with your join to our community.

Our Mission

Our mission is to add value for our freelancers/ job seekers by helping them achieve their desired level of quality jobs and safety for their products, assets and processes; to protect their brands and enable their success in the global marketplace.

Our Philosophy

Our commitment to supporting and adding value for our freelancers/ job seekers drives everything we do.
We deliver innovative solutions to facilitate our customers’ success in the global marketplace and, most importantly, we provide our customers with confidence.
By leveraging our local service and global network, we enable our customers to dedicate their primary energies to their core business activities. We offer comprehensive programmes and services which draw on our industry specific knowledge and technical expertise.

Our Vision

  • Value trust and personal responsibility;
  • Act with integrity, honesty and respect;
  • Maintain professionalism and strive for continual improvement and innovation;
  • Deliver excellent services which add value to our customers’ business;
  • Focus on continual growth and outstanding performance;
  • Strive to create a safe work environment;
  • Value each employee’s contribution toward achieving our business objectives;
  • Promote a culture where motivated customer-oriented employees can flourish, experience professional fulfillment, and reach their highest potential; and
  • Respect diverse perspectives, experiences and traditions as essential.

The Prices

  • The freelancers/ job seekers : free resume creating. $5 per Month for featured resume.
  • The employers: Companies or individuals: $50 per Month for the company profile. $10 per Month for featured company profile. $20 per job posting. $10 per Month for featured job. 
  • You can stop paying at any time just by clicking (Unpublished) button from your dashboard.
  • Tax Free! What You Pay is What You Get!


Akram Khunaizi. The Owner Of SoftBuild.

Email: info@softbuild.org


  • Computer Science from KFUPM, Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia.
  • Information Technology and Computing from Arab Open University, Bahrain Branch.


  • I have more than 9 years experience in 4 different consulting engineering companies, Instrumentation Department.
  • I love reading novels, playing video games (PlayStation and Mac games. No Microsoft things is allowed in my life!), baking coffee cakes, making organic juices and developing (Websites and Apps).
  • I just begun learning app development.
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