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10 freelance skills which are in demand right now

  Doing business today has become a lot more challenging than it was in the 20th century. The competition has risen to new levels, causing a lot of uncertainty among business owners. In order to fight this situation and keep business risk minimal, companies have shifted their focus towards curtailing fixed costs. One way of doing this is hiring freelancers in place of full-time employees. This practice saves a lot of time and cost that would have been spent on the initial training of newly hired employees. At the same time, it provides freelancers with opportunities. So if you’re looking for a secondary source of income, freelancing can be the best option. Here are top 10 freelancing skills that you can learn and make extra cash in your free time. Content writing For every word written online or offline, there’s someone sitting in front of his computer and bleeding his heart out. With hundreds of thousands of websites, numerous newspapers, blogs, and magazines out there,…

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The future of freelancing

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="474"] Muhammad Osman Khan, country manager, UAE, for Elance-oDesk, explains how the online staffing platform is changing the face of hiring in the region[/caption] How strong is the online staffing market in the UAE and across MENA? The global contingent labour market is $2 trillion, and the staffing market within that is $422 billion. Staffing Industry Analysts forecasts the online staffing market to be up to $46 billion by 2020. With regards to the MENA region, it’s early days to give an estimate of that share, but as businesses realise the benefits of online work it is increasingly becoming substantial. When it comes to Elance-oDesk, the UAE ranks fifth globally in terms of its online talent hiring spend, with companies spending AED89.9 million ($24.5 million) in 2014 on our workplaces. We’ve seen an increase in both client registrations and job posts by more than 15 percent in 2014 and I believe this is only the start. Cumulatively we have over 35,000 clients…

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Freelance or full-time? Five questions to help your business decide

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="646"] Bridget Loudon says there are times when a freelancer would suit the business needs better than a full-time staff member - and vice versa. Photo: Janie Barrett.[/caption] Engaging freelancers or contractors for short-term or offline project work is just one of the ways organisations are moving to adapt to an environment where speed, agility and convenience are key business metrics. However, diving in headfirst isn’t without its potential setbacks or surprises. The first time we hired a freelance marketing expert for project work at Expert360 (a marketplace for freelancers), it was a huge learning experience. How do I quickly get them across this business but not invest too much time in doing so? Do we integrate them into the team rhythm, meetings and social events? Should I expect over-time? When should they check-in with me? What work should they do and with how much supervision? Reflecting on that first experience and almost two years of working with emerging businesses, there are…

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‘Encore entrepreneurship’ isn’t for everyone

Q: Mr. Strauss – My husband retired from work a few years ago and is bored silly. He has gotten it in his mind to start a business. I don't like the idea. I think that such endeavors are for a younger generation and he would be better off mentoring young businesspeople. Can you help me talk sense into him? -- Becky A: It is true that people start businesses for all sorts of reasons, although "boredom" is usually not one of them. Far more common is where ■ A budding entrepreneur gets a brainstorm and can't let go of it (or it won't let go of him!) ■ Or she hates working for someone else and wants to be her own boss, or ■ Someone lost their job ■ Or he needs to make more money I rarely encounter a reason for starting a business that I don't like, and even boredom can be a fine impetus if channeled correctly. That said, I would caution…

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  Giving one particular the harmony of time and room, a freelance place maintains a wholesome equilibrium of function and preserve a private life-style. Freelancers have the advantage of functioning options where they can work perform the process to a group or to an specific that would include to their fiscal assets and enhance networking circles. With versatility of hrs, freelancers can function on their conditions and prices as a result escalating their top quality of operate and publicity to new fields that they can decide on according to choices. Aside from being out of business office politics in contrast to their cubicle brethren, a freelancer does not have the job of parking charges and spending a sizeable sum that by natural means comes out of their paychecks. Being a freelancer delivers the flexibility of functioning on your very own with out possessing to double up for an absent colleague or using the blame for their blunders or errors. Offering the gain of developing property,…

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